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Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have questions that are not answered below please contact us.

Why all the “Contact us for best price”?

Simply put, we want to provide you with the best possible price we can and in order to do that, we need some additional information from you in most cases. Manufacturer specials, shipping/freight options, multi-product discounts, municipal & military discounts and method of payment can all effect the final price. Why would a Customer want to pay an inflated price that has the “worst” case aspect built into a one price fits all? We prefer to get your exact requirements and come up with the best offer we can at the time. Please give us the opportunity to earn your business.

If I see the manufacturer that makes the model/product that I am looking for, but do not see it on your site can you order it for me?

98% of the time, Yes! There are only a handful of models that we can not sell. With this being our 2nd generation website we are in the process of adding products. Feel free to contact us with any of your inquiries.

What if I see a lower price elsewhere?

We always welcome a phone call or email to double check a price or if we can do any better. As mentioned above, many factors figure into the “selling price” of a piece of equipment. We also strongly suggest you are comparing apple to apple model and if the competitor’s price include freight, as some post a lower price but have to add to that price where as much as possible we prefer to post a delivered price. We also give fair warning that some sites post lower pricing (intentionally or unintentionally) to lure customers in to a sale and then have the add’s or corrections to their prices. All of our prices are current.

How will my order be shipped?

All prices include a “typical” Economy Freight to a business address (unless otherwise noted) amount. This amount represents an average cost to send that product to most locations in the Lower 48, but we also reserve the right per our Terms & Conditions to revisit on a case by case basis this amount and modify our price as necessary. You will never be charged more than agreed to with us upon the shipment of your product. FedEx and other shippers charge additional for Residential delivery and the Customer is responsible for any surcharge.

Do you offer Municipal & Military Discounts?

Yes we do, and we are experienced with the bidding process if necessary.

Who owns Patriots Contractors Equipment Sales and Supply?

We are a family owned business since 2006 with 30 plus years of Construction experience.

Why should I buy from Patriot Contractors Equipment?

Because we are experienced & personable individuals in the construction business with 25 plus years experience who will work to earn, retain and appreciate your business.

Do we accept PayPal?

Yes, including their “Bill Me Later” option.

Do you sell the actual products manufactured by Patriot Equipment?

No. Patriot Equipment we have learned is a cheap import that does little to meet the demands of industrial grade equipment and worse off, we hear from people that have made the mistake of buying their products that they are very hard to find a dealer and parts for.

Should I contact Patriot Contractors Equipment for a price if I am looking for cheap equipment?

No. Patriot Contractors Equipment takes pride in selling only industrial grade equipment for the people that their livelihood’s and safety depend on, day in and day out.

Where would I have equipment I purchase from Patriot Contractors Equipment serviced?

All of the manufacturers we represent have a large presence in the States with nationwide coverage with their service centers for both warranty and non-warranty concerns.

What if I can not unload the equipment I have or want to order?

A couple of ways to possibly resolve this concern is to A) pick the equipment up at the closest delivering freight terminal to you B) Pay additional for liftgate service C) Make arrangements at a local business to work with you

How do I pick the right construction pump for my application?

Feel free to contact us with any of your questions, but under the Pumps category we have a Pump Application pdf that will greatly assist with the majority of the questions and correct applications for the pumps we sell.