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The Night-Lite™ GR-Series Liquid-Cooled 6kW light tower: bigger, brighter light and longer run times—so you get more done on the jobsite. 

  • 63-gallon fuel tank: 195 to 215-hour run time with 350-watt lights
  • Four 350-watt LED fixtures produce 2,488 total lumens and 38,610 ft2 area at 0.5 ft-c: 19% more lumen output and 13,0102
  • Best-in-class 1,000-hour oil change interval: lower maintenance expenses.

Allmand Night-Lite GR Series Light Tower Brochure (click for pdf)
Night-Lite GR-Series Liquid Cooled 6kw Spec Sheet (click for pdf)

Engine BrandKubota
Engine ModelD1005
Engine Prime Power (kW)**
Horsepower (@ 3,600 RPM)****6.0
Engine TierTier 4 Final
LED Wattage (350W)350 W
Lumens Total (350W)204,488
LED Wattage (250W)250 W
Operating Time (Hrs) 350 W LED214
Net Weight – Dry (lbs)1,345
Net Weight – Wet (lbs)1790
Shipping18 units on a 48′ flatbed trailer, 20 units on a 53′ flatbed trailer


  • Flexible lighting with a vertical mast extending to 23 feet
Deep Sea L401 Controller
  • 16 Event Scheduler programmable to operate up to 4 load outputs
  • Configurable to run automatically between sunset and sunrise
  • Heated display option ensures operation in extreme cold weather
Compact Design
  • Fit 18 units on a 48 ft flatbed, 20 unit on a 53 ft flatbed, more units for the same shipping cost
Vertical Tower
  • Easy to raise and lower with a duel-handle manual winch
Forklift Pockets
  • Easily load and unload equipment
359 degree rotation
  • Increase flexibility in light spread
Standard Trailer Coupler 2″ ball
  • Steel tongue jack foldable with dual pins, 3 point outriggers
Fuel Tank
  • 63-gallon fuel tank extends operation
Operating Temperatures
  • Of -40 degrees Fahrenheit (Arctic Package required) to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Welded Steel frame with Lockable Door