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The Ammann APH65/85 Diesel Rev Plate Compactor with Hatz diesel is a Premium reversible with the unique triple shaft exciter!

UPDATE – we have rolled out this new website, but are working to get other details including pricing added to our site. In the mean time we welcome all phone calls for pricing. As of this writing we have this model in our physical stock and available for same day shipping for orders by Noon to avoid many of our online competitors delays and dependence on shipping from a backordered mfg (we can always ship this path like they do at the lower price also). 

Patriot has been wanting to add Ammann to our line-up for their Family Owned 150 plus years (6th generation) experience in the construction equipment manufacturing and our proud to be a stocking dealer.  

Amman APH65/85 Reversible Plate Compactor Brochure (click for pdf)

Weights & DimensionsMetricUS
Machine weight basic unit471 kg471 kg (1038 lb)
ABase plate length470 mm470 mm (18.5 in)
BMachine length930 mm930 mm (36.6 in)
C   with handle1840 mm1840 mm (72.4 in)
DMachine heigth905 mm905 mm (35.6 in)
EHandle height (work)1000 mm1000 mm (39.4 in)
FHandle height (transport)1500 mm1500 mm (59.1 in)
GMachine width700/850 mm700/850 mm
(27.6/33.5 in)
EngineHatz 1D81SHatz 1D81S
Engine Output13.7 HP / 10.1 kW13.7 HP / 10.1 kW
    at RPM3000 rpm3000 rpm
Fuel consumption2.5 l/h2.5 l/h (0.66 gal/h)
Compaction Forces  
Max. Vibration frequency55 Hz55 Hz (3300 vpm)
Max. Centrifugal force65 kN65 kN (14612 lbf)
Working surface basic unit1632 m²/h1632 m²/h (17567 ft²/h)
Max Surface Pressure19.76 N/cm²19.76 N/cm²
Operating Speed32 m/min32 m/min (1.19 mph)
Tank capacity7 l7 l  (1.8 gal)
Max. incline to all sides30°30°
Extension Plates75 mm / 150 mm75 mm / 150 mm (3 in / 5.9 in)
Operation hour meterxx
Electric starterxx
Emergency stopxx
ACE econXX
ACE forcexx
Working lights