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Ammann ARR 1575 Trench Roller

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The Ammann ARR 1575 is an articulated trench roller that provides perfect ground contact and optimal compaction. The machine and its padfoot drum provide results, even where other compactors have failed. Its ability to work in cohesive soils can prevent the need for soil removal and replacement, providing a significant financial impact. Two steering cylinders help make the ARR 1575 responsive and precise, while the oscillation feature provides excellent stability on uneven surface of a ditch.

Not only articulating like the rest, but oscillating also

The actual manufacturer of the popular Multiquip Rammax Trench Roller, is this manufacturer Ammann…different colors, same unit!

UPDATE – Two coming to Patriot Physical stock and this price is based only on the two units in our stock!   Price is based on a prepaid wire transfer and does not include freight. Financing options are available, serious inquiries welcome to call but units can not be held while awaiting to be financed. Do not hold this lower price compared to other mfgs against this unit, no sacrifice in the build simply no freight or surcharges to Patriot stock and thus keeping your cost down!

As of this writing we have this model in our physical stock to avoid many of our online competitors delays and dependence on shipping from a backordered mfg (we can always ship this path like they do at the lower price also). 

ARR 1575 Brochure (click for specs)



A = Machine Length1980 mm78 in
B = Wheelbase1000 mm39.4 in
C= Machine Height1317 mm51.9 in
D = Machine Height (hood)1282 mm50.5 in
E = Machine Width601 mm23.7 in
F = Drum Width640 / 850 mm25.2 / 33.46 in
G = Machine Length2227 mm87.7 in
I = Drum Diameter525 mm20.7 in
Fuel tank capacity28 l7.4 gal
Hydraulic oil Capacity16 l4.2 gal
Weight & Driving characteristic  
 640 mm25.2 in
Operating weight1340 kg2950 Ib
Oscilation Angle± 7°± 7°
Working speed1.4 km/h0.9 MPH
Travel speed2.8 km/h1.7 MPH
Climbing ability30 %30 %
Turning radius Inner1540 mm60.6 in
Turning radius outer2190 mm86.2 in
 850 mm33.46 in
Operating weight1450 kg3200 Ib
Oscilation Angle± 7°± 7°
Working speed1.4 km/h0.9 MPH
Travel speed2.8 km/h1.7 MPH
Climbing ability30 %30 %
Turning radius Inner1440 mm56.7 in
Turning radius outer2290 mm90.2 in
Compaction Forces  
Frequency40 Hz2400 VPM
Amplitude1.1 / 0.6 mm0.043 / 0.024 in
Centrifugal force75 / 36 kN75 / 36 kN
ManufacturerYanmar 3TNV80F Yanmar 3TNV80F
Power Acc. ISO 3046-114.6 kW20 HP
Maximum torque68.4/1800 Nm(ft Ib)/rpm 68.4/1800 Nm(ft Ib)/rpm
No of Cylinders3 / water cooling 3 / water cooling
Drive systemHydrostatic Hydrostatic