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Campo Equipment EcoBlaze 400D Turbo – 400,000 btu Premium Indirect Heater – Diesel

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The Campo Equipment EcoBlaze 400D Turbo (Blaze 400D/Campo Heaters for short) 400,000 btu Premium Indirect Heater is a solid performer and built by our brothers to the north where they know how to keep warm in Canada. Truly a series of Indirect Heaters built for the Pro’s, not built for a price point but built to perform and last!  Push heat further with the long duct runs, high cfm & return options…all things to compare to other mfgs!

Reasons to Buy a Campo EcoBlaze Indirect Heater (click for pdf)

With Campo Equipment established in the Canadian Rental Market, we are now stocking the most popular Indirect Heaters models. Please contact for pricing, duct options, thermostat, etc as we continue to add their products to our site, especially if you do not see the model you are looking for as we will be the lowest price on their line-up.

Posted Price is to compete with other online dealers that drop ship 100% from the mfg and subject to their availability and promptness to ship, but we stock a majority of the models we sell simply select the Ship from Patriot option for a delivered price to a Commercial address with offloading by the customer.  Qty discounts available and pay with a prepaid wire transfer instead of a credit card to save an additional 3%. 

Remote Thermostats & Duct in Stock also, please contact for our everyday low prices as a pkg with a heater. 

Ground Breaking Features:

  • Recirculating Capabilities
  • Input BTU/h: 280,000 to 396,000
  • 5,500 CFM – highest in its class
  • Ductability: 150ft
  • Indirect Oil Fired
  • Beckett Burner (4 Firing Rates)
  • 220°F + Heat Rise
  • Fuel Tank: 42/70 US Gallons (Optional 100 US Gallon Skid tank available)
  • Optional 120% Spill Containment Package
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Running Time: Up to 21 hrs. (Low Fire)
  • Thermostat Operation
  • Genysis Primary Controller
  • Redundant Fail Safe Control System
  • Digital Panel Mounted Voltmeter
  • Oil Pressure Gauge, Spin-off Filter
  • Lifting Bar & Forklift Pockets

Blaze 400 & 600 D&G Brochure (click for pdf)

  • Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 76.7” x 31” x 57.6”
  • Full Load Amps: 8.5 A
  • Air Outlets: Two 12” (Standard)  or 1 x 16” (Optional Add)
  • Inlets: Two 12” (Standard) or 1 x 16” (Optional Add)
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

CSA/UL * Certified to CSA/UL standards by OMNI