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The Collomix XM 2 650 Force Action Mixer is the choice for the Pro’s that expect top results.  A prime example is the XM forced-action mixer from Collomix, which was developed specially for high performance. Wherever high quality mixing results and high throughputs are of the essence, this is where the XM models come in. Be it multi-component materials, leveling compounds or fillers with a short pot-life – the XM provides a continuous supply of fresh material. Being highly mobile and compact, it is always right there. Please open the below pdf for additional details.

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Collomix XM2 650 Specs  (click for pdf)

Product features: 

  • High performance: for all material preparations requirements, rugged and powerful. For use by just a single person
  • Planetary gearing: various speeds and high torque
  • Mixing tools: 2 possible tool combinations for different viscosities, optimum mixing results and easy cleaning
  • Two mixing speeds: depending on the viscosity
  • Timer: three different selectable times for consistent quality
  • Mobile mixing container: for quick batch changes and a high hourly thoughput
  • Mixes up to 13 gal. of: All kind of concrete, epoxy-based mortar, cement, screed, grout, polymer-modified mortar, 2-component grouting compounds, self-leveling underlayments, concrete restoration, concrete toppings, etc.
Technical data:XM 2 – 650 forced action mixer
Size of mixing tub17 gal. / 65 litres
Max. mixing volumeof up to 13 gal. / 50 litres
Power supply110 volts / 50 Hz
Rated power1.5 hp
Speed: mixing tool2 x 150 / 1 x 770 rpm
Edge scraper speed40 rpm
Settable mixing times90 / 180 sec. / continuous run
Weight231 lb
Item number39014