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Diamond Products-Core Cut CC5049DC Diesel Self Propelled Saw with a Cat Diesel. 

Advanced Digital 4″ Display – Enhanced rich color graphics for superior visibility in bright light.  Choose between blade speed, engine speed, and engine torque views with critical diagnosis.  Blade overspeed alert that warns of blade RPM exceeding safe limits.  Engine service alerts offer maintenance reminders for optimum engine function.

Diamond Products-Core Cut CC5049DC Brochure (click for specifications)

Adjustable Blade Lowering Speed – Dash-mounted for quick, precise adjustment.

Large 6 Gallon Fuel Tank – Convenient left-side filler along with electronic low fuel indication.

Effective Weight Balance – Front-to-rear weight distribution for balanced optimum performance.

Quick Disconnect Flanges – 7″ Flanges that quickly detach from stuck blade to minimize downtime.

Simplified Serviceability – Easy, open component access to speed routine maintenance.

Other Advanced Features:

  • Single hand sawing control with forward/reverse/raise/lower all in one ergonomic grip
  • Three-position handlebars set and lock at comfortable, preferred angles
  • Quick access rear cover screen for inspecting and service with simple latch convenience
  • Heavy-duty wheels with durable polyurethane tread on front and thick rubber tread on the rear
  • Automatic parking brake with hydraulic activation in stop position gate
  • Robust blade shaft offers reliable support from 2 pillow block style, precision ball bearings
  • Spline drive PTO gives precision zero side load drive to dampen vibration and shock loads
  • Advanced air cleaner with radial seal primary and secondary filters with maintenance indicator
  • Sealed electronic protection resists heat, moisture, shock, and vibration

Includes: Telescoping front and rear pointers, fuel cooler, low coolant level sensor, oil drain valve, air restriction indicator, travel speed
push/pull cable, positive front axle depth stop, slip-on blade flange guard, polycarbonate decals, blade shaft wrench

CC5049DC Dimensions