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The Diteq TG-12 Electric 1Phase Concrete Grinder comes equipped a 12″ multi-accessory plate that accommodates both bolt-on and TEQ-Lok accessories or can use a 12″ diamond disc. Handles fold down for easy transport. 


  • 1,000 RPM
  • Greasable bearings for increased life 
  • Dual 2″ and 3″ vacuum port located on the side 
  • Central water feed 
  • Adjustable handles also fold down for easy transport

Use Cases

  • Removing paint, epoxy, thin-set, urethane coatings and cut back adhesive
  • Repairing worn, damaged or spalled concrete
  • Leveling uneven or curling slabs
  • Grinding hard surfaces, feather edging sidewalks, gutters and similar surfaces
  • Grinding high and uneven joints
  • Removing excess surface material
  • Polishing concrete (practically up to about 5000 sq ft)