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THe Dryair CHU-600 Central Heating Unit provide up to 620,200 BTU’s of heating power in a small and portable unit that is easy to place on the jobsite.

Dryair CHU-600 Specs (click for pdf)

  • FUEL
    • 2100-0600 – Diesel, #1 or 2 Heating Oil
    • 2100-0600 DG – Propane, Natural Gas or Diesel, #1 or 2 Heating Oil*
  • OUTPUT BTU/H – 620,200
  • FUEL CAPACITY – 130 US GAL./492 L
  • HEAT SQ.FT. – 19,000
  • THAW SQ.FT. – 11,000
  • CURE SQ.FT. – 25,000

The 2100-0600 runs on Diesel Fuel or #1 & 2 Heating Oil only where the 2100-0600 DG model comes standard with a Diesel burner but can also be configured to run on natural gas or propane. Patented Combustion Environment Control System

  • Preheat’s the fuel and air used for combustion
    • Allows the unit to start & run even in sub 40 degree conditions
    • No need to adjust the burner for changing weather conditions, burner always receives warm air and fuel for optimum combustion, efficiency and reliability.

Temperature Control & Fuel usage is automatic An 8 – light operation panel monitors all functions Fluid circulation system is low pressure and atmospherically vented. There is no chance of an explosion or line burst due to pressure build up.