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EDCO 2D-HDE Magna Trap Heavy Duty Electric Floor Grinder-Polisher – #58100

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EDCO 2D-HDE Magna Trap Heavy Duty Floor Electric Grinder-Polisher #58100

This unit definitely has it’s Con’s to it, including the silly price for under performance, feel free to call to discuss better options with more productivity that are in Patriot stock as an available ship same day option, below is one example of a step up:

DITEQ TG-18 5 hp 220 v 1 phase Electric Concrete Grinder – #G00066 • Patriot Contractors Equipment Sales & Supply (

Price is based on a prepaid wire transfer or add for credit card fees. 

EDCO 2DHDE-2DHDP Dual Head HD Grinder-Polisher (click for pdf)

  • 22″ Working Width grinds approximately 500 sq. ft. per hour at 1/32″ – 1/16″ per pass with Magna-Trap® Dyma-Dots
  • Includes 2-Slide-On Multi-Accessory Discs, which accept all EDCO Magna-Trap® Tooling
  • Overlapping counter rotating heads for full coverage
  • 2-3″ Vacuum Port and Water Port
  • Magna-Trap® Tooling accessories required per loading
  • Fully adjustable rubber dust shroud

230vt circuit, if the voltage is lower it starves the motor and causes issueEDCO/Baldor points out the below for the 5 hp 230vt single phase motor:

  • motor draws a bit less than 23 amps, but it is recommended to have 3 times this for the breaker
  • if running saws, step cutting is always important but with an electric target less than one would if running a gas saw, maybe closer to a 1″ step cut to start/experiment with