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EDCO CPM-8-5 Electric Scarifier-Concrete Planer-Crete Planer #79500 is out of the popular CPM8 Series of Scarifiers with a 5 hp 220 vt Single Phase setting.

Below Kit prices are based on shipping with the above unit and Please call to finalize a Pkg:

  • Additional A201 Kit $575
  • A209 Fine Kit $675 65050 (Empty Spare Drum)
  • $625 65050C (Empty Spare Drum with A201 Carbide Kit) $1,050

3 Phase Model Available with special order

EDCO CPM-8-9H Scarifier Brochure  (click for pdf)

  • 8″ working width will scarify approximately 350-500 sq. ft. per hour at Depth Per Pass of 1/8″
  • Removes traffic lines at 800-1,000 lineal ft. per hour
  • Power source over drum to eliminate vibration and maximize surface contact
  • Compact design
  • Front-mounted lifting handle makes loading and unloading easy
  • Vacuum port equipped
  • Optional water misting system
  • Optional edger attachment allows the CPM-8 to get within 1 3/4″ of any vertical surface

230vt circuit, if the voltage is lower it starves the motor and causes issueEDCO/Baldor points out the below for the 5 hp 230vt single phase motor:

  • motor draws a bit less than 20 amps, but it is recommended to have 3 times this for the breaker
  • if running saws, step cutting is always important but with an electric target less than one would if running a gas saw, maybe closer to a 1″ step cut to start/experiment with