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The EDCO Magna-Trap Dyma-PCD w/Backing Segment is ideal for:

  • Digging through Industrial Strength Coverings, Water-Proofing Membrane, Thick Epoxies and much more
  • Leaves a textured concrete surface
  • Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) Rating: Varies depending on application
  • Tooling Classification: Directional

Price is a ea unit price and is based on a minimum 12 pc (sold in 3s only) order (can be mix and matched inserts) for free ground shipping. If minimum is not met, shipping will simply being added.

For use on:

  • LEFT-Hand PCD w/Backing Segment – Blue – Part #QC-PCD1-LB (pic above is left-hand)
  • RIGHT-Hand PCD w/Backing Segment – Black – Part #QC-PCD1-B