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Generac MAC950F Flameless heater provides superior fuel efficiency and heated air output with unprecedented safety in a midsize portable heater platform. It combines our industry experience and cutting edge technology and innovative design, with the safety of a flame-free heater. The MAC950F is safe to use in environments/applications where open flame heaters are restricted. The MAC950F offers a compact heater platform mounted on a single axle trailer for ease of mobility on the job site. It is a flameless heater that provides clean, safe, and reliable air flow capable of ducting long distances with minimal loss of air pressure or outlet temperature. It offers full 110% fluid containment for safety and contamination protection on the job site. The MAC950F is comprised of rugged, heavy-duty construction inside and out. Large doors provide easy access for service, maintenance, and operation. The exterior is fully powder coated. The MAC950F has a temperature rise of up to 180° F (82° C) and an air output volume of 2,650–5,500 cubic feet per minute at 5 inches of static pressure, delivered through two (2) 12 inch outlets. We offer simple to use, push button controls for ease of operation.

Generac-Mobile-MAC950F Flameless Heater Brochure (click for pdf)


  • 994,000* BTU output
  • Output Air Volume: 3,000-6,000 CFM @ 5″ of static pressure
  • Fuel Rate: 7.1 gph (26.88 Lph)

* This number has been calculated using the maximum fuel consumption at the full rated horsepower as provided by the engine manufacturer.


  • Skid mounted
  • Low fuel shutdown switch
  • Auto over speed emergency stop
  • Custom paint
  • Optional outlet duct sizes
  • Additional duct storage


  • Cold weather package
    • EON dry cell battery 1150 CCA – 4 year full warranty
    • Battery blanket
    • Fuel pre-heater
    • Insulated duct sections (25’ lengths)
  • Service/Work light packages
    • Interior LED service lights
    • Exterior work lights