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Generac – Magnum MLT4150 Light Tower with 15kw generator is built tough and gives you the auxiliary power you need on the job. With 5-7 acres of illumination and stability to stand up to extreme weather conditions, this light tower will give you what you want and then some.See below pdf files for additional benefits and specs for both the lower cost Horizontal Mast (MLT4150M) or the Vertical Mast (MLT4150MV) models. Picture if of the Vertical Mast model MLT4150MV.

We welcome a call or email (Equipment Quote Request Form above) to revisit a price (even if one is posted) based on your freight location, qty, options, payment method, etc  as all off these factors effect a final price. Please obtain another price or two on the parallel model and options  prior to contacting us so you can be prepared to recognize the savings and move forward with a commitment to save you hundreds, if not thousands. Most of our larger equipment posted prices (unless otherwise noted) are based on a wire transfer, include a freight allowance and customer offloading.  

Generac Magnum MLT4150MV Spec Sheet (click for pdf)
Generac Magnum MLT4150M Spec Sheet  (click for pdf)
Generac-Mobile-MLT3000-4000-5000-Brochure  (click for pdf)

  • 360 degree mast rotation
  • 120V and 240V convenience outlets
  • Hour meter engine
  • Lockable cabinet
  • DOT running light package
  • Fork guides on the mast and under the trailer
  • Easy access for service
  • 4-stroke diesel engine – Mitsubishi
  • Marathon generator
  • Low oil pressure/high temperature automatic shutdowns
  • Protective start limit breaker
  • Simpler ballast configuration
  • Individual light breaker switches & ballast indicator lights
  • 1 year Unlimited / 2 year 2,000 hour warranty
  • Full tubular steel frame trailer
  • 30 foot all-steel mast
  • 4 – 1,000 watt metal halide lights
  • 4 point outrigger stance withstands 65+ mph winds

Generac Magnum Light Tower Warranty (click for pdf)