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The highly productive Husqvarna LP 9505 articulated trench compactor delivers a smooth, compacted surface, which doesn’t dig up soil when turning. Due to the high operating weight and ultimate traction, it is suitable for all kinds of soils (dry or wet) but especially suited for cohesive materials like clay and silt. The fuel-efficient engine provides class-leading power for a whole day of uninterrupted work and the radio remote control offers great flexibility, better ergonomics and safer working conditions. Servicing is quick and easy with all service points clearly marked and easily accessed under the hoods.

If looking for Trench Rollers available as a Ship from Patriot stock option available two of the below Wacker units & two of the below Ammann units:

Wacker RTLx-SC3 Kohler Diesel Trench Roller 5100067147 • Patriot Contractors Equipment Sales & Supply (

Ammann ARR 1575 Trench Roller • Patriot Contractors Equipment Sales & Supply (


Husqvarna LP 9505 Trench Compactor Specs  (click for pdf)

  • Motor/engine model- Diesel Engine KUBOTA 24 HP
  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacture)
    24.3 hp
Click on the picture below to view specs
Trench Roller LP9505 Specs


Radio remote control technology allows the operator to choose the best position of where to stand, providing for better ergonomics and safer working conditions. This lets you focus on the final result.

Excellent traction

High and wide drum pads increase traction on slopes and steep gradients as well as in wet soils.

Easy to operate

Remote control has a large informative display for guidance and trouble shooting.

Always ready

The remote control comes with two batteries, one for use and the other to charge in the on-board charger. This ensures you never run out of power.