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The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4200 Early Entry Saw is a self-propelled dry-cutting gasoline saw has a low-noise enclosed design and is ideal for heavy-duty commercial, industrial and paving applications. The 4200 is designed for peak performance. Features include a 23 hp twin-cylinder gasoline engine, three-stage cyclonic air cleaner, oil cooler, full-pressure oil lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters, mechanical fuel pump and oil alert light. Multiple blade widths can be used, allowing different joint widths and crack control simultaneously.

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Soff-Cut 4200 Brochure (click for pdf)

  • Self-propelled gasoline saw with positraction drive, hydrostatic transmission and travel speed indicator.
  • Switch-activated electronic adjustable handles.
  • Electronic remote key start and choke.
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Switch-activated blade depth control and retractable guide.
  • Patented dry-cut diamond blade, anti-ravel skid plate and arbor.
  • Patented low-noise and low-dust blade block enclosure.
  • Mechanical depth gauge.
Motor manufacturerKohler
Motor specKohler gasoline
Max output (As rated by the engine manufacturer)17.2 kW / 23 hp
Number of strokes4-stroke engine
Cylinder displacement41.1 cu.inch
Cylinder bore3.2 inch
Cylinder stroke2.6 inch
Fuel tank volume3.16 gal.
Engine coolingAir
Number of belts3
Displacement, l674 lit
Oil capacity, l1.9 lit
Cutting equipment
Output RPM3500 rpm
Diamond blade, max14 “
Max cutting depth3 inch
Blade depth controlElectric
Blade controlElectric Remote
Blade shaft diameter1.5 inch
Blade flange5.875 “
Blade shaft RPM3500 rpm
Axle front1 inch
Rear axle diameter1 inch
Handle barsMulti position
Misc specs
Primary wheel sizeOutside diameter: 4 Wheel width: 4 Inner bore: 0 “
Secondary wheel sizeOutside diameter: 11 Wheel width: 4 Inner bore: 0 “
Weight488 lbs
Weight incl. packaging568 lbs
Product size, LxWxH89x30x40.25 inch