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The Kaeser M118 is a large compressor that is designed for continuous operation so they can deliver top-quality compressed air with maximum availability. With state-of-the-art motor and control technologies, these compressors are extremely economical and environmentally-friendly to run, either as stand-alone units or grouped together:

  • Maximum pressures up to 205 psig
  • Optional compressed air treatment package
  • Towable and stationary design options
  • Optional refinery accessories

Kaeser Mobilair M118 Brochure (click for pdf)

Your advantages

  • Environmentally-friendly:
    Advanced Deutz diesel engine with SCR catalytic converter meets Tier 4 emission standards
  • Power-saving fan:
    Demand-based variable speed fan with Visco clutch generates up to 5% fuel savings.

Low life cycle costs

Our comprehensive approach to life cycle cost management: Superior efficiency, easy operation, service-friendliness, and a global service and consulting network with fast response times.

Advanced compressor controller technology

By accessing electronic motor management, the SIGMA CONTROL MOBILsystem optimizes compressed air availability and fuel efficiency. The system is shock and vibration proof per IP 65 electrical protection.
Its functions include operational monitoring as well as precise system diagnostics.


Timesaving user-friendly operation

The highly intuitive interface only needs three buttons to operate the entire system.
In addition, the automatic monitoring feature can shut the compressor down as required. 


Precise pressure settings save fuel

Using the arrow keys, system pressure can be precisely adjusted in 1.5 psig increments on the SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL’s display.
This not only enhances flexibility but, in combination with the electronic inlet valve control, enables significant energy savings—especially for part load operation.