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Standard equipment

  •   Tracked undercarriage with hydrostatic transmission and oscillating rollers in the center of the track for overcoming obstacles.
  • The patented layout of the rubber track provides a wide  area and a low ground pressure, high stability and an excellent driving comfort in all conditions of use.
  • 16 hp water-cooled petrol engine and electric start.
  •  Hydrostatic transmission with two piston pumps with variable displacement and two orbital motors. Steering by the rotation of the tracks.
  •  Hydraulic power take off (P.T.O.) double-effect with max delivery 28 l/min and pressure at 155 bar (optional).
  •  Standard bonnet and operator platform.


  • Max payload – 2200 Ib
  • Engine Power – 16 hp
  • Width – 31.5 in
  • Supply – petrol