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Messersi TC150D Track Dumper Brochure (click for pdf)


Standard equipment

  • Tracked dumper with hydrostatic transmission having 2 independent circuits with variable displacement axial piston pump and two speeds axial piston motor for each track.
  •  Machine with two speeds with electric selection.
  • The hydrostatic pumps are operated by means of pilot assisted levers.
  • Central driving seat at rear side of the machine, cushioned and adjustable, with easy access from both sides.
  • Counter-rotation of the tracks.
  • Mechanical parking brake with negative control.
  • Chassis with modular structure composed of a tractor unit set up on a unified frame apt to receive various attachments. Undercarriage with oscillating rollers and rubber tracks, suitable for high speed. The considerable ground clearance allows the easy motion even on dirt patches and on rough terrains.
  • The battery is placed under the engine cover.
  • Machine fitted with proper lifting points.
  • The engine, considerably oversized for the features of the machine, is placed under a big bonnet, tilt able, allowing an easy and comfortable access to all the components of the transmission, of the engine and of the hydraulic system for a quick and safe maintenance of the machine.
  •  As optional fitting, the machine can be equipped with an hydraulic P.T.O. with delivery of 20 Lt/min at 170 bar pressure.


  • Max payload – 3300 Ib
  • Engine power – 20hp
  • Width – 43.3 in
  • Supply – diesel