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Mud Dog CB1600 Concrete Power Buggy by Tamarack Ind.

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The Mud Dog CB1600 Concrete Power Buggy by Tamarack Ind (our neighbors to the North) has been brought on to the Patriot line-up as another option in a 16 cf poly tub buggy. Our pre-ordered units will have the more popular Honda GX390 (13 hp gross), electric start and foam filled tires. For those not familiar with Tamarack Ind, they are in the business of making industrial grade equipment such as Heat King and Thawzall heaters to name a couple. 

Please be aware that if a price is advertised through Google, it is outdated as the mfg has had another price increase. 

Looking for Wheeled Buggies in stock,  Patriot ship from Option for Whiteman WBH-16EAWDF units (click on the below link)


UPDATE – SOLD our stock out this unit. Please read below for details on cost options. To those that had been looking at this unit as previously noted the price was due to go up $500 once the previous batch was spoken for, the posted price is now the current batch with only 5 left in our physical stock at this price. I have already placed an order for additional units and told there is yet another mfg price increase of $450 once these 5 are spoken for.

* Prices are based on a prepaid wire transfer to avoid credit card fees. Prices do not include freight.

  • Made In Canada
  • Honda GX390 w Electric Start & Battery
  • 16 cf Poly Tub
  • Foam Filled Tires
  • Unique Raise & Lower Tub Toggle on the Left Control allowing the driver to keep their hands on the Steering 

Tamarack Mud Dog CB1600 Brochure (click for pdf)

About Shipping Options

Unlike the majority of our competitors we stock a lot of the equipment we sell and will provide two priced options to Ship From:

1) Ship from Manufacturer – to compete with other online dealers to drop ship from the mfg, this price is obviously lower with only shipping one time but will be subject to any lead time from the mfg & Honda engine availability. Freight quote will need to be obtained from mfg to finalize sale with this path. 

2) Ship from Patriot – to ship a 2nd time from Patriot stock and will ship at actual freight. SOLD out of our stock

We always welcome phone calls to double check the mfg’s lead time and or quicker shipping options from Patriot’s stock.