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Nacecare Dry Fine Dust 12 Gal Vacuum NDD900 Diteq 162242 – Non-HEPA model

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The dual motor Nasecare NDD900 Vacuum incorporates our patented Micro-Flo (Standard setup) or Hepa-Flo (Option) vacuum bags along with a Microtex filter as standard equipment ensuring optimum filtration. These machines are specially designed for use with concrete dust, drywall dust, wood dust and chimney soot along with just about any other fine nonexplosive particulate that can harm the respiratory system. They meet or exceed all OSHA regulations regarding silica crystalline recovery as a repairable dust under OSHA regulation 1910.1000. The patented airflow technology used in the design of the tank ensures a consistent uninterrupted flow regardless of how full the bag is. Both units come equipped with an indicator light that will flash when the vacuum bag is full. At the end of the day simply lift the vacuum bag out of the tank. You can now reduce the amount of dust in the air by 99% or greater with no cleanup hassles, imagine the cost savings by reduced clean up time on every job you do! And by using a vacuum that didn’t loose suction.

UPDATE – In Patriot physical stock, most are selling this unit for over 2k and up! Sale priced and subject to only two left in Patriot stock! 

  • Model NDD900 Vac and ND5 Wand floor tool kit
  • Vacuum Tank Capacity:12 Gallon
  • Vacuum Motor Watts: 2 x 800W
  • Vacuum Motor HP: Dual 2 HP
  • Vacuum Motor Stages: 2 Stage
  • Number of Motors: 2
  • Speeds: 1 Speed
  • Airflow 180 CFM
  • Waterlift: 90″
  • Noise Level dB(A): 67 DB(A)
  • Head Construction: STRUCTURAL FOAM
  • Hose Length: Sold separately
  • Wand Kit: ND5 Included
  • Power Cord Length: 42′
  • 2″ Hose and Cuff Kit.
  • Standard Filtration: .3 MICRON @ 99.6% EFF.
  • Tank Construction: STRUCTURAL FOAM
  • Weight: 49 LBS

This unit can have 12 gal disposable bags shipped with the unit (10 pk $30). These have tabs on them so please ensure you utilize these tabs whens installing. Replacement bags at the same $30, but add for shipping.