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Norton-Clipper CST120 Masonry-Stone Rail Saw

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Norton CST120 Masonry Stone Rail Saw Brochure (click for pdf)

UPDATE – LAST unit In Patriot’s physical stock SOLD, please read below for details on cost options. We have rolled out our new website and our working on our pricing, but if a price is posted these are updated prices as mfgs have been raising their prices.

Unlike the majority of our competitors we stock a lot of the equipment we sell and will provide two priced options to Ship From:

1) Ship from Manufacturer – to compete with other online dealers to drop ship from the mfg, this price is obviously lower with only shipping one time but will be subject to any lead time from the mfg – currently estimated from mfg 3-4 mths – Drop shipments may be taxable from Norton as a pass through cost to the customer

2) Ship from Patriot – to ship a 2nd time from Patriot stock and will ship at actual freight. 

We always welcome phone calls to double check the mfg’s lead time and or quicker shipping options from Patriot’s stock.