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The Quest PowerHeat PHE 500 Pro Hydronic Heat Exchanger is sized such that a single unit can be used to transfer 250,000 to 300,000 BTUH when used in glycol to glycol, building the heating application and when used to heat cold water in the secondary circuit, it can transfer 600,000 to 700,000 BTUH.

The PHE 500 is an accessory device designed for use in conjunction with any of the Quest Central Hydronic Glycol Heaters. It transfers heat from the primary heated glycol circuit to another liquid that is being pumped through the secondary circuit. The PHE 500 consists of the following components contained inside a portable stainless steel cabinet. This liquid to liquid heat exchange system is an effective way of isolating the glycol, primary fluid supplied by an “open-atmospherically-vented” Central Hydronic Heater, from the secondary “process fluid” circuit.

Quest PowerHeat PHE 500 Pro Spec Sheet (click for pdf)

  • A liquid to liquid brazed plate heat exchanger
  • A stainless steel centrifugal pump that generates flow for the secondary circuit
  • Electrical circuitry, switching and protection for the pump
  • Plumbing circuitry to provide the correct liquid flow routing through circuits and pump
  • A Y-strainer to filter impurities out of the liquid in the secondary circuit