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Shark SNG-SLP Series Hot Pressure Washer

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The Shark SNG-SLP Series Hot Pressure Washers are a Natural Gas or Propane cabinet style hot water series that are the best new pressure washers for maintenance repair shops and wash bay installations. 

Shark is no longer Drop Shipping this series to a customer. Please look at the Made in the USA and parallel warranty with the Mi-T-M HG series at the below link

Shark SNG Series Brochure (click to open pdf) 
Shark End User Warranty 2015 (click for pdf)

Easy, Versatile Installation:

  • Utility hook ups can be configured for both sides of the machine
  • Totally enclosed cabinet to protect vital components
  • Many Voltage options
  • Optional detergent applications
  • Steam option
  • “Fielder’s Choice” inlet / outlet (hook up gas and water on either side of machine) provides flexibility with installation

  Easy to Use and Operate:

  • Simple 24-volt controls
  • Feedback lights allow user to quickly troubleshoot potential problems
  • Overload protected control switches are conveniently located for ease of operation
  • Hour meter and variable temperature control
  • Infinite detergent metering
  • Safety trigger gun control
  • Electronic ignition comes standard, eliminating the hassle of lighting the pilot light
  • Fully enclosed cabinet with “Cool Wall” construction keeps cabinet cool to the touch

  Easy to Service:  

  • 6 removable panels allow easy access to components for service and repair
  • “Slide Out” motor platform and “Swing Out” burner ring are easy to inspect and repair
  • “Stay In Place” pilot assembly is not attached to burner ring, making it easier to inspect and repair