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Thawzall H1350 Flameless Heater

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Manufacturer: Thawzall
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The Thawzall H1350 Flameless Heater is the hottest Unit on the Market. When it comes to creating “heat”, nobody does it better than Thawzall. We don’t take that statement lightly. We’ve invested thousands of hours innovating and developing the H1350 FLAMELESS HEATER to be reliable with simple “switch-it-on and let-it-run” design, safe by using sparkless, cool-running components; and efficient by producing more heat, higher temperature discharge, and higher static air delivery – all resulting in longer discharge run.

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Thawzall H1350 Brochure (click for pdf)

The H1350 was designed to have the most reliable shaft-power-to-heat conversion. Superior Heat Output. The exhaust heat recovery system adds up to 30% more heat output to the air stream. Higher Discharge Temperature. Setpoint adjustable up to 275°F. Higher Static Pressure. Air flow is adjustable to > 7,500 CFM @ 20” S.P. Easy-to-Use. Start the engine, set the heat and fan knobs and “let it run Other Features.

• Automatic over speed shutdown
• Manual emergency shutdown switch
• Accelerated engine warm-up system
• Low fuel warning/shutdown
• Lifting bales for crane placement
• 110% secondary containment
• Twin 925 CCA batteries
• Advanced 120 vac preheat system with battery charging
• System OK signal beacon
• Warming elements normally operate under 300° F.
• Aluminum fuel tank option
• Efficient heat reclaim: 100% of shaft power converted to heat, 100% coolant heat recovery, 100% engine radiant recovery, and reclaims most of the exhaust heat energy.