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Thawzall TCH250 Hydronic-Glycol Ground Heater I Thawzall TCH250

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Manufacturer: Thawzall
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The Thawzall TCH250 Hydronic-Glycol Ground Heater with it’s improved capability with patented HEATZONE® fluid distribution technology. Superior THAW, CURE, HEAT for any job. The Thawzall TCH250 delivers a blistering 250 MBH of heat with unparalleled uniformity thru 5 separate 600’ (182m) zones. It THAWS more quickly, CURES more evenly, and saves a minimum of 24 gallons (91 liters) of fuel per day over its closest competitor, meaning you will struggle to find much better than this Thawzall ground heater for sale anywhere else!

UPDATE 1-11-18 E3000 Sold out with Wacker for season and Thawzall also. A couple Wacker E1250’s available, but contact for pricing. Also Quest 3,000′ expandable to 4,500′ units available (2 demo units also)…excellent and solid units, but more expensive.

UPDATE 11-17-17 – Thawzall units on sale and also Wacker E3000 ES model, call before sold. UPDATE 7-14-17 these two demos sold already! 7-5-17 – Two demos available. Please call if you are looking to save and ready to buy as we are running a promo on these units, added discount for multiple units. Please contact us after you have received a price or two from another dealer and are ready to purchase as these savings are based on single qty available units.

We welcome a call or email (Equipment Quote Request Form above) to revisit a price (even if one is posted) based on your freight location, qty, options, payment method, etc  as all of these factors effect a final price. Please obtain another price or two on the parallel model and options  prior to contacting us so you can be prepared to recognize the savings and move forward with a commitment to save you hundreds, if not thousands. Most of our larger equipment posted prices (unless otherwise noted) are based on a wire transfer, include a freight allowance and customer offloading.

Thawzall TCH250 Brochure (click for pdf)


■ Newly designed “series flow pattern” provides more flow for better heat transfer. ■ Ease-to-use and newly designed Control box located at rear passenger side. • All controls in one place – for easier operator interface. • OFF-ON switch allows for untrained operator use. • Set temperature at HTF-returns for more accurate cold weather concrete curing. • Fuel gauge and low water alert are added to the control box for trouble shooting. ■ Flow is increased through larger sized and shorter piping, resulting in faster thawing and used with available unit heaters – more warm air delivery. ■ New Power/In-Power/out and free-wheeling feature for reel operation with dynamic brake


  • THAW frozen ground sq ft 3,000-6,000 sq m 278
  • CURE concrete sq ft 6,000 sq m 550 with accessories sq ft 18,000 max sq m 1,670 max
  • FROST prevention sq ft 9,000 sq m 840 with accessories sq ft 27,000 max sq m 2,500 max
  • HEAT buildings cu ft 400,000 cu m 11,300
  • Input/Output MBH* 280/234
  • Operating Range °F 70-200 °C 21-93
  • Operating Pressure psi 1-5
  • Fuel Consumption (max) gph 1.75 lph 6.62
  • Run Time days 3+
  • Pump Capacity gpm/gph 30/1800 lpm/lph 110/6,800


  • L x W x H in 170 x 84 x 97 cm 431 x 213 x 246
  • Weight w/fuel & fluid lbs 5,600 kg 2,540
  • Optional Generator lbs 310 kg 140
  • Fuel Capacity gal 160 liters 600
  • HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) gal 122 liters 460


  • One – 1/2 hp Pump Closed Loop Centrifugal
  • Hose Length (5 zones x 600’) ft 3,000 (5 zones x 182m) m 915
  • Electrical, GFI 1) 20 amp x 120 vac
  • HTF Pumpability °F -80 °C -62
  • Fuel Winter blend diesel or #1 fuel oil
  • Hitch Choices Forged, Stamped, or Pintle
  • Diesel Generator 7.0 KWH Liquid Cooled – OPTION and add to the above price