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Wacker Neuson BPU3750A Reversible Plate Compactor #5000610423

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The Wacker Neuson BPU3750A Reversible Plate Compactor #0610423 has a unique integrated wheel set deliver excellent compaction performance in their size class. The compact dimensions and great maneuverability, combined with high engine power result in high productivity. Ideal for compaction of interlocking paving stones, trenches, landscape and municipal applications.

Ship from Patriot stock option and no tax on our invoice, except for PA, NJ & CA being taxable.

***2 Day Sale subject to only Patriot physical stock and end without notice***
UPDATE – In Patriot physical stock as a Ship from Option call for more info.
  • The unique, integrated wheel set simplifies the task of moving a reversible plate around the job site and shop floor.
  • Single lever direction control provides for easy forward and reverse operation.
  • Specially designed shockmount system offers a virtually vibration-free guide handle in increased operator comfort and high productivity.
  • Tough ductile iron base plate is extremely durable even under extreme conditions and provides long service life.
  • Easy access throttle control simplifies operation and reduces operator fatigue.

Unlike others online that advertise a silly price to get an order that are not upfront with a customer on the long lead times, either intentionally or out of ignorance of keeping up to date with the mfg, we provide two options with an estimated 1-2 mth lead time to ship from the mfg, you can select the ship from Patriot stock option and ship same day for new orders by Noon to cover the freight & surcharge to Patriot on current batch. Sale subject to end without notice. Freight to ship from Patriot stock to customer will be calcuated in cart, simply add to cart and select state & zip.

About Shipping Options

UPDATE – In Patriot’s physical stock, please read below for details on cost options. We stock 6 mfgs of compaction, feel free to call for other in stock options.

Unlike the majority of our competitors we stock a lot of the equipment we sell and will provide two price options:

1) Ship from Manufacturer – to compete with other online dealers to drop ship from the mfg, this price is obviously lower with only shipping one time but will be subject to any lead time from the mfg – currently estimated from mfg 5-6 mths

2) Ship from Patriot – to ship a 2nd time from Patriot stock and will ship at actual freight. Ships same day for orders by Noon

We always welcome phone calls to double check the mfg’s lead time and or quicker shipping options from Patriot’s stock.


Wacker Neuson Bpu3750a/Dpu3750h Brochure (click for pdf)

BPU 3750A

Operating data

Operating weight  lb529
Centrifugal force  lbf8,318
Base plate thickness  in0.4
Height (without guide handle) in29.4
Operating height Adjustable guide handle – Down in36.8
Operating height Adjustable guide handle – Up in51.3
Operating width  in19.7
Frequency  Hz90
Advance travel (depending on soil & environmental factors) ft/min82
Surface capacity (depending on soil & environmental factors) ft²/h8,073
Gradeability (depending on soil & environmental factors) %30

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor typeAir-Cooled, Single Cylinder 4-cycle engine
Engine / Motor manufacturerHonda
Engine / MotorGX270
Displacement  in³16.5
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046)hp8
at rpm  rpm3,600
Fuel consumption  US gal/h0.3
Tank capacity Fuel US qt5.6
Power transmissionFrom drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt direct to exciter.
Fuel typeGasoline