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Wacker Neuson DS70H Diesel Rammer #5200010976

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The Newer Wacker Neuson DS70H diesel rammer #5200010976 (replaces the previous DS70) offers maximum production, performance and durability while providing you the convenience of standardizing your diesel fleet. The DS 70H is a well-balanced machine with low CO emissions and compact dimensions. It is ideally suited for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils. 13×13 shoe only with a Hatz diesel engine.

UPDATE 2-1-18 Wacker has discontinued this model. If you are looking for a lb for lb harder hitting unit than this diesel at 200lbs & 3,500 lbs of force, please take a look at the below link to the Bomag BT65 made in Germany unit weighing only 150 lbs but hits at over 3,800 lbs of force with a Honda GXR120 and a savings compared to this discontinued model.

  • The diesel engine is the most environmentally friendly rammer engine available, which makes it the perfect choice for compaction jobs in poorly ventilated trenches.
  • The large capacity and corrosion-proof fuel tank is equipped with a self cleaning in-tank filter. That means long service life and minimum maintenance.
  • For added operator convenience, a single lever controls start-up, speed and engine shut-off.
  • The highly engineered built-in shock mount system of the guide handle reduces hand-arm vibration (HAV) and thus improves user comfort.
  • Durable Hatz diesel engine provides exceptional performance, fuel economy and long life.