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Wanco LED Balloon Light Tripod are a compact solution for your work area lighting. These balloons light up large areas with diffused light, eliminating glare and making night work safer and easier on the eyes. Two models are available — a mobile cart and lightweight tripod, both with telescoping masts. Their small size and ease of use translate to portability and quick deployment. The light fixture can also be ordered for installation on Wanco Diesel Light Towers. Wanco Balloon Lights can use either commercial power or a portable generator attached to the cart. On commercial power, the light cart works outdoors or indoors. When powered by a generator, it is ideal for outdoor nighttime work of any kind. A choice of Wanco Inverter Generators provide portable power and can be removed and used independently. The Balloon Light Cart features a built-in handle, steerable wheels, flat-free all terrain tires and a foot-operated parking brake. With outriggers deployed, the heavy‑duty steel base and low center of gravity keep the light stable. The Balloon Tripod Stand is easy to carry and deploys in seconds. Both options meet DOT specifications for diffused lighting. Dual balloon fixtures can also be installed on Wanco Diesel Light Towers. The light goes on and the balloon inflates with a single switch. An integrated cover slides over the deflated balloon and zips closed to protect the balloon during transport.

Wanco Balloon LED Lights Brochure (click for pdf)


  • Glare-free 360-degree illumination
  • Reduced and diffused shadows
  • Steerable heavy-duty cart with 16-foot tower
  • Telescoping tripod stand rises to 12 feet
  • Optional inverter power generator

Common Applications

  • Road construction
  • Flagger stations
  • Police checkpoints
  • Emergency repairs
  • Disaster response
  • Search and rescue
  • Special events