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Wanco Light Tower Vertical Mast Compact – WLTT-4MK106K – Halide Light Bulbs

From: $12,775.00$10,775.00

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The Wanco Light Tower Series is built for the Pro’s and companies that want to invest in equipment that is built a step above their competitors.  Please see the additional pics below of both halide and LED models, but as noted this detail is for the Halide bulb version.

This SALE price is on Ship From Patriot Stock Option Only and subject to current limited stock only!  Serious and ready to purchase please call (financing options available).

  • Available in the popular 6kw or 8kw
  • Available in LED or Halide
  • Available in Kohler or Kubota D1005 (D1105 for 8kw) or Mitsubishi diesels
  • Trailer chassis is wider than other compacts, drastically improving handling when towing
  • The height of the mast sits lower for stowing and easier to adjust lights
  • Only compact light tower with dual winch cables on the mast to allow for an even pull from both sides not allowing any kind of binding if the unit is set up unlevel. This also offers a safety backup in the event one of the cables wears out or snaps (no collapsing of the mast)
  • The mast is 24.5′  compared to most at 21-23′
  • 60 gal fuel tank allowing almost 150 hrs of run time w halide or 240 hrs w LED
  • As with the majority of Wanco’s line-up, this unit was designed with serviceability in mind. It uses a tabular design allowing complete service access with the removal of only 4 screws
  • Tandem Towing to connect units to ea other for onsite multi unit towing
  • 62″ wheel base vs other mfgs that are much shorter and less stable
  • Galvanized Frames & Mast vs most that are simply painted
  • 4 Points of contact for stabilization, most have only 3 points

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UPDATE 11-22-22  in Patriot physical stock. Please read below details for cost options, but ship from Patriot option will have a higher cost than pre-ordering to ship direct from the factory. Our stock units have the Kubota D1005 diesel engine & 240 vt Twistlock Receptacle Option. Prices do not include freight, to ship from Patriot will be at actual cost. Serious and ready to commit customers are welcome to call.
Prices are based on a prepaid wire basis (quicker shipping) or cleared check (allow 2 wks for check to clear prior to shipping).
If looking for a 7.5 kw Generator Light Tower w larger Kubota please see below for in stock unit(link below):

About Shipping Options

Unlike the majority of our competitors we stock a lot of the equipment we sell and will provide two priced options to Ship From:

1) Ship from Manufacturer – to compete with other online dealers to drop ship from the mfg, this price is obviously lower with only shipping one time but will be subject to any lead time from the mfg & Kubota engine availability. Freight quote will need to be obtained from mfg to finalize sale with this path, but there is a $450 freight allowance at checkout.

2) Ship from Patriot – to ship a 2nd time from Patriot stock and will ship at actual freight (call for a freight estimate as this is at cost as noted above).


Wanco Light Tower Compact Brochure (click for pdf)
Wanco Light Towers Compact WLTT Specs (click for pdf)


Popular Options:

  • 480 wt LEDs
  • 350 wt LEDs
  • Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off
  • 240 vt twistlock receptacle
  • Cold Start Aid pkg
  • Single Electric Winch for Tower Lift