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The Wanco Light Tower Series is built for the Pro’s and companies that want to invest in equipment that is built a step above their competitors. Not a price point built light tower. If you prefer the “Narrow Body” Style with a 30′ mast, Wanco is one of the few left. Please see the additional pics below for other positives included in the standard Horizontal mast models such as the much liked Top Access Panel, Dual Hitch and Control Panel (below pics are on a horizontal mast). Available in a Kohler, Kubota D1005 or Kubota D1105 diesel engine. For details, please open the below pdf brochure.


Wanco Light Tower Compact  (click for pdf specs)

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  • Available in the popular 6kw or 8kw
  • Available in LED or Halide
  • Available in Kohler or Kubota (D1105 for 8kw) or Mitsubishi diesels
  • Trailer chassis is wider than other compacts, drastically improving handling when towing
  • The height of the mast sits lower for stowing and easier to adjust lights
  • Only compact light tower with dual winch cables on the mast to allow for an even pull from both sides not allowing any kind of binding if the unit is set up unlevel. This also offers a safety backup in the event one of the cables wears out or snaps (no collapsing of the mast)
  • The mast is 24.5′  compared to most at 21-23′
  • 60 gal fuel tank allowing almost 150 hrs of run time
  • As with the majority of Wanco’s line-up, this unit was designed with serviceability in mind. It uses a tabular design allowing complete service access with the removal of only 4 screws

 WancoCompact2Compact Lights on TrailerCompact Lights HalideWanco Compact LED