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The Weber SRE 300 battery-powered, cordless rammer is the perfect solution for inside operation; in trenches or closed rooms where excessive sound is prohibited. Instead of being mounted directly on top of the rammer, the battery pack is tucked into a backpack that the operator can carry with ease. 

Thanks to the electric motor / battery the rammer works with absolutely no emissions and easily complies with even the most stringent of environmental regulations.

The lithium-ion battery is distinguished by exceptionally high energy density. Delivering an energy content of 1,220 Wh, the battery allows the SRE 300 rammer to operate for up to 1 ¼ hours.

The new lightweight SRE 300 vibratory rammer is suitable for trenches, and especially for compacting pipe ties, conduit and for hardscape and landscape professionals.

Weber SRE300 Battery-Powered Rammer Brochure (click for pdf)

Your advantages:

  • Emission-free work
  • Low weight
  • Power is equal to same size gas-powered rammer
  • High capacity battery (1.220 Wh)
  • Exceptionally long battery life (max. 75 min.)
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Highly versatile battery – interchangeable with other equipment that use Pellenc batteries.

Technical data:


SRE 300

  Operating weight : 

73 lbs. 

  Operating weight of
  battery & backpack :

17 lbs.

  Shoe width : 

5.5 in.

  Percussion rate :

790 1/min.

  Rated Output : 

1.1 kW

  Engine : 

Direct current engine (brushless)