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Weber SRV300 Vibratory Rammer – 2,046 lbs compaction force

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The Weber SRV300 Vibratory Rammer is a narrow lightweight and easy to transport weighing only 71 lbs.  A particularly good choice for compacting around pipe ties in ditches or around conduit. Suitable for compacting edges of pathways, for installing drainage systems or for hardscape and landscape professionals.

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Current promo on 2 or more mix and match Weber rammers models in Patriot physical stock, call for pricing as the online path will not calculate the promo savings. Serious and ready to purchase customers please, no tire kickers. Three models are part of this promo, so get the hardest hitting model in the SRV660 or lb for lb performer in the SRV590 or the baby of the group SRV300:

Weber SRV590 Premium Rammer-Jumping Jack (

Weber SRV660 Premium Rammer-Jumping Jack (


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Mainly for irrigation, plumbers, fiber, etc needing a small, narrow foot offering in a light weight rammer but with more compaction force than most offerings in this category at 2,046 lbs of force

Weber SRV300 Rammer Brochure (click for pdf)

Technical Data:


SRV 300

  Operating weight : 

71 lbs.

  Shoe width : 

5.5 in.

  Impact force : 

2,046 lbs. 

  Percussion rate max :

790 1/min.

  Power output max : 

2.0 HP (1,5 kW)

  Engine : 

           Honda GX 50              4-stroke gasoline