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Wyco Select Cycle Converter

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Manufacturer: Wyco - Badger Meter
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The Wyco Select Cycle Converter (#W416-056) allows users to select from three vibrating speeds; 8,000, 10,800 and 12,000 vpm’s with a simple switch selection. By connecting between the generator and vibrator, the select cycle adapts any 230 volt or other single phase source to three phase 230 volt. The unit is lightweight making it a breeze to maneuver on the jobsite. Coupled with durable construction and a steel cage bar, the Select Cycle can endure the roughest jobsites conditions.

Wyco Product Catalog (click for pdf)
Wyco One-Year Product Warranty (click for pdf)


  • Allows contractor to select the speed (8,000, 10,800, & 12,000 vpm) needed for the job
  • Adapts 230V generator or other single phase source to 230V, 3-phase
  • Runs two Wyco High-Cycle vibrators and maintains speed
  • Rugged construction & protective frame
  • Keeps vibrators from surging